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Les services EM

In business since 2011, I demonstrated my skills as an entrepreneur, consultant and trainer. To this end, I did several training mandates for customers in the field of chemicals (WHMIS).

Since 2014 , through the website , I offer an innovative product for chemical materials management for Quebec businesses.

In addition, I set myself the goal of enabling companies to have access to the full inventory of their chemical materials, available online 24/7, while providing simple and effective tools such as a complete inventory with detailed reporting service, updated MSDS binders, labeling and a employees training service.

Also , I want to allow employees using chemical materials to know and interpret pictograms related to WHMIS. Also, allow them to assess relevant information of this system to improve their health and safety.

But what is WHMIS?

WHMIS is a system that aims to ensure the protection of Canadian workers against the harmful effects of hazardous materials through relevant information while minimizing the financial consequences for companies and avoiding disruption of business operations.

With these goals in mind and following the mission, vision and values of my business , I offer you with the support of my team, solutions to optimize your management of chemical materials, with Les Services EM, your health and safety we make it our priority.




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